Pharma’s Mobile Readiness: An Epic Gap

Pharmaceutical companies spend approximately $10 billion globally in media expenditures each year to engage with physicians and consumers, and yet the experience that they are driving customers to is wholly unfulfilling. While the pharma industry is making strides in mobile strategy, most of that strategy is geared towards internal productivity. It is time for pharma to take significant action, and to approach their customer base from a “mobile-first” perspective. Too often pharma marketers think of physicians and patients as professions and conditions, instead of people. If you want to understand how physicians and patients engage with media, look at your own behavior when you want to find out more information. The first thing you do is pull out your phone, and the truth is, physicians and patients are no different.

In this month’s edition of PM360, Jeffrey Erb discusses the missed opportunities pharma brands need to consider when trying to reach and engage HCPs, patients, caregivers and consumers through mobile.

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Media Data & Analytics: The Keystone to Pharma Engagement Strategy

Other industries embraced the world of analytics and deep customer insights to drive engagement and conversion long ago. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has been missing out due to strict regulations and cautious brand managers. Now, as technologies have improved, it’s all achievable within HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines due to the ability to understand customer behavior at an anonymous level whether it is HCP or DTC oriented marketing. As a result, the industry is beginning to truly embrace the world of analytics. And, media is at the forefront of uncovering those key data points to drive greater customer engagement.

In this white paper, I explain just how media is able to provide incredible levels of detail and insight while remaining HIPPA compliant so that pharma brands can connect with their target audience on a truly personal basis.

Read Media Data & Analytics: The Keystone to Pharma Engagement Strategy to learn more.