MOMA Awards Finalist in 2 Categories

The MOMAs celebrate the brands and agencies delivering the best campaigns and strategies that are leading the way in mobile.

We are so proud to be a finalist with our client Merck Animal Health and partner Jun Group in The Drum MOMA Awards for Most Effective Mobile Advertising Campaign and Mobile Sales Promotion/Lead Generation/Direct Response Strategy!

We are looking forward to the award ceremony on May 17th in London to find out who the winners are. To see all the nominees or learn more about The Drum MOMA Awards, go to

Healthcare: The Darling of CES

Jeff Erb and Michael Baliber from Healix attended CES at the start of the year. You might be wondering, why is Healix attending a consumer electronics show? Well, we need to understand how consumers will engage in the near and long-term future, and CES provides a glimpse of next to market technologies and how consumers will engage with those technologies. If we don’t know where consumers attention will live, we can’t build innovation solutions to drive business results for our clients.

Jeff shared some key observations from the show with the industry via PM360, where he highlighted new technologies for pharma companies to keep in mind to reach or engage patients, caregivers and HCPs. Read the article.

Healix Named Humanitarian Organization of the Year by Healthcare Marketers Exchange

Healix is honored to be named Humanitarian Organization of the Year by Healthcare Marketers Exchange.

Giving back is ingrained in the culture at Healix, IPG Mediabrands’ healthcare-focused agency. Being part of the healthcare space requires a level of concern for the well-being of others, but at Healix it is more than just concern. There is a strong commitment from all levels of the organization to improve the lives of those in our communities – on a local and global level.

At the helm of the team is Jeffrey D. Erb, President of Healix. Jeff leads by example, rolling up his sleeves to pitch in and constantly encouraging people to get involved either with Healix’s initiatives or some of their own.

Erb stated: “I am moved by the passion our team has for improving the lives of others. Whether it is in their work as media planners and strategists connecting patients and caregivers with pharmaceutical brands or volunteering their time to pack school supplies for children living in shelters, they are committed to helping people they’ve never even met. The truth is, my team inspires me – every day.”

The decisions about which organizations and events to support come directly from the team. The staff expressed interest in opportunities to help families and children in need, as well as medical conditions that touch some of them personally.

In the one year since Healix’s formation, the company has:

  • Stocked shelves at The Food Bank of New York City
  • Held a holiday gift drive for underprivileged children completing wish lists for New York Cares
  • Used a football pool to raise money for the American Heart Association
  • Read one-on-one with children in need at Pajama Program
  • Hosted a school supply drive and volunteered time to pack backpacks for Volunteers of America’s Operation Backpack
  • Formed a JDRF/One Walk team to raise funds and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).
  • Planned an office back sale to support the JDRF walk team fundraising goal.
  • Planned a diaper and supply drive for the Texas Diaper Bank to aid those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

The key is that Healix as a whole is supportive of its staff volunteering, which includes taking time out of the workday to volunteer or plan volunteer activities.

Read more about Healix’s charitable efforts and why it won this award.

Healix will receive the award at the AMM Nexus/HME Humanitarian Awards Dinner on March 27, 2018. For information on the award ceremony go to

Pharma’s Mobile Readiness: An Epic Gap

Pharmaceutical companies spend approximately $10 billion globally in media expenditures each year to engage with physicians and consumers, and yet the experience that they are driving customers to is wholly unfulfilling. While the pharma industry is making strides in mobile strategy, most of that strategy is geared towards internal productivity. It is time for pharma to take significant action, and to approach their customer base from a “mobile-first” perspective. Too often pharma marketers think of physicians and patients as professions and conditions, instead of people. If you want to understand how physicians and patients engage with media, look at your own behavior when you want to find out more information. The first thing you do is pull out your phone, and the truth is, physicians and patients are no different.

In this month’s edition of PM360, Jeffrey Erb discusses the missed opportunities pharma brands need to consider when trying to reach and engage HCPs, patients, caregivers and consumers through mobile.

Read the article on PM360.

DNA Changes the Game for Healthcare Media Campaigns

Healix Launches Global Pharma Media Planning Tool

New York, NY: Healix, the healthcare focused media agency from IPG Mediabrands, announces the launch of DNA, a healthcare calibrated planning tool that collects emotional and scientific data from real people and transforms it into smart, targeted media solutions. DNA allows Healix to go beyond the who, what, where, when and how people engage – and get to the “why” people engage the way they do.

The DNA platform, in accordance with HIPPA, anonymously gathers emotional data directly from patients and caregivers.   Gaining insights from its database consisting of a connections panel of thousands of consumers across the globe, DNA allocates media decisions based on psychological data gathered about patients regarding which media influences them to take actions, such as researching treatment medication, talking to a doctor or filling a script. Additionally, DNA recommends an optimal media mix to drive a brand’s business objective.

From a healthcare professional perspective, DNA revolutionizes the physician path to script. The platform is home to a dedicated connections panel of doctors across specialties which allows unprecedented insight into how Doctors use consumer media, how Doctors notice and process physician efforts and media, and which elements are most effective in driving openness to recommendation and finally scripts. With a database of in-depth physician insights, DNA provides list matching functionality and helps identify the best way to frame the message at a time when they are most receptive to receive that message. The insights gained allow marketers to engage HCPs as individual people, not just as a profession.

When we understand why people engage, we are able to build more effective media campaigns for both consumers and HCPs. While I may look very much like another person from a demographic profile perspective, the reasons that I make the decisions I do will ultimately be different.” says Jeffrey Erb, president, Healix. “Those are the insights that DNA provides. The DNA tool is applied to all of our customers’ campaigns during the planning stage and the insights derived drive each media strategy to help us exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Michael Baliber, senior vice president, Healix, adds, “Our DNA tool helps our team develop the optimal media mix to drive a brand’s business objectives.  It outlines which media channels influence patients, caregivers or doctors to take actions, such as researching treatment medication, talking to a doctor or writing a script. Those insights, when aligned with campaign objectives, create overwhelmingly effective media campaigns.”

To learn more about DNA or how its powerful insights can be put to use in your next campaign, contact Healix at or watch our DNA video here.